Top 5 Reasons to Install LP SmartSide Siding

October 29, 2020

Top 5 Reasons to Install LP SmartSide Siding

October 29, 2020

Siding does more than just improve your home’s curb appeal. It can protect your home by shielding it from certain elements. The right kind of siding can act as a barrier to prevent snow, harsh winds, and rain from seeping into your house.

This is where LP SmartSide Siding comes in.

 It is the result of years of innovative engineering in the siding industry to focus on functionality, simplicity, and value.  

Did you know that LP SmartSide Siding can be installed over just about any surface? This includes stucco, brick, and wood. It does not fade or wear out and can withstand harsh weather conditions. This is why LP SmartSide Siding is the preferred choice for so many homeowners.  

Here is our round-up of the top 5 reasons why SmartSide siding boosts your home’s curb appeal.

1. Durability

SmartSide siding consists of durable materials engineered to perfection. They offer year-round protection to your home from all kinds of external elements – be it rain, snow, or the harsh heat. The carefully designed composition of the siding allows it to exceed the durability of traditional options such as wood and even cedar.

 SmartSide siding can be bought in different levels of thicknesses to suit your particular home. To learn more about which option is best for you, get in touch with our siding contractors.

2. Boost Your Property Value

Think of SmartSide siding as an investment. Once you’re done installing it on your home, your investment will pay off over time as it improves the value of your property. You’ll notice your property oozes confidence thanks to your choice of siding. SmartSide protects your house from damage and allows it to sell for higher prices on the market.

By improving the quality of your exterior, you can stand out from the crowd and command your own prices.

3. Low Maintenance

The world is moving at the speed of light and no one really has time for maintenance work. Imagine having to patch a hole in your siding every few months – that has got to be a kick in the wallet and your confidence. But with the durability of LP SmartSide Siding, you no longer have to worry about the harsh weather beating down on your home.

Thanks to reliable engineering, you no longer have to worry about sealing, caulking, or painting the siding over time. Moreover, SmartSide siding is virtually immune to rotting when exposed to moisture and can withstand intense heat, this means it won’t warp to awkward shapes and position.

4. Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is the name of the game because most homeowners want to lower their carbon footprint. This is where LP SmartSide Siding proves to be exceptionally helpful. It doubles as insulation so that your HVAC equipment doesn’t have to work nearly as hard to keep the heat out during summer. Long story short, SmartSide Siding will help you keep the heat out during the summer, and retain heat during the winter – a win-win scenario for your energy bills.

5. Style

You can buy LP SmartSide siding in a wide range of styles to suit your preferences. This includes both lap and vertical designs. Have a particular color in mind? Let us know and we’ll help you choose the ideal color to complement your home’s exterior. 

For lasting, energy-efficient, and beautiful siding, choose LP SmartSide siding today. Click here to get in touch with us now!