Simple Ways to Boost Curb Appeal

May 2, 2020

Simple Ways to Boost Curb Appeal

May 2, 2020

There’s so much that you can do to increase the curb appeal of your home! What’s more is that many of these ways don’t require you to make significant changes to the exterior of your home.

This existing siding, doors, or roof of your home can be replaced with more appealing looking ones to enhance its appearance.

Here are some of the changes that can be made to each one.


Siding covers most of the external walls of a home, so it’s important to choose siding that conveys a stylish and tasteful look.

Many homeowners don’t realize when their siding has begun to look old and rundown. Older wood siding can be prone to rot, mold, and warping. Each of these issues could diminish the appearance of wooden siding panels and affect your home’s curb appeal.

Wood siding can be replaced with modern vinyl siding that mimics the appearance of wood. Vinyl siding comes in many different colors and styles. Some popular styles of vinyl siding include clapboard, dutch lap, board, and batten.

Vinyl siding is less prone to rot than wood, so it can continue looking great for years with minimal maintenance.


The rooftop is one of the most noticeable external features of a home. Homeowners looking to spruce up the appearance of their existing rooftop can replace its shingles with newer and more-colourful looking ones.

The colour of your rooftop’s shingles should contrast with the color of your home’s exterior walls. Houses with white or yellow siding can use gray or black roof shingles in order to create a tasteful contrast.

Houses with natural looking siding such as stone or brown vinyl could work with brown or tan shingles that match with the rest of the home.


Doors cover a relatively small part of a home’s exterior, but they are one of the features that visitors and passersby focus on the most. Doors should create a good contrast with the home’s siding, so it’s important to pick a suitable color that pops out from its surroundings.

Many older homes have doors that look rundown and unappealing to visitors. They may be made from older wood that has grown moldy, and their paint may have started to peel. These doors should be replaced in order to improve the home’s curb appeal.

A traditional looking solid wood door can be replaced with a more modern one that features a combination of wood and glass to add more style to your home’s entrance. These doors can also feature creative handle styles that match the aesthetic of the home’s interior.

The wood on these doors can also be kept looking pristine for years with the application of varnish, stain, or gloss. This should protect the door even in the harshest of weather conditions.

Renovation services

Replacing siding, roof shingles, and doors can be challenging to do on your own. Use the services of experienced renovation professionals such as Northland Home Exteriors to boost the curb appeal of your home.